11We conduct laboratory testing of furniture and furniture elements, windows, doors, shades and shutters, wooden and laminated floor coverings, sawn timber, and selected properties of paints and varnishes, in an accredited laboratory according to the requirements of standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007.

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21Certification of products and implemented factory production control according to the requirements of standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013.
These activities encompass assessment of the procedures which manufacturers implement during factory production process control (KTP) of building joinery products according to production requirements and standards set up for certain system. KTP consists of a series of actions among which include testing a product’s initial type. The samples are chosen at the factory or at the storage site, according to the prescribed testing plan, where Euroinspekt-drvokontrola conducts the initial surveillance of the factory and the control of the production process, constant supervision and approval of the factory’s control of the production process.

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3We also conduct test to determine a product’s properties and conformity assessment for CE marking procedure. This procedure determines the technical characteristics of a product’s construction, as well as its usability.
Referring to the manufacturer's / distributer’s / importer's requirements, the authorised body conducts testing and evaluation of the technical properties of the product’s construction, according to the testing procedures of European standards for this product or specified group of products. Following the obtained results, the applicant is enabled to mark the product with CE mark.

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4Determination of product properties:

  • Furniture and furniture elements of all types and kinds

  • Windows and doors of all types and kinds

  • Floor coverings – parquets, laminate floors, sports floors and other

  • Prefabricated structural members assembled with punched metal plate fasteners

  • Glued laminated timber

  • Structural timber with rectangular cross section

  • Wood products – logs, sawn timber, wooden elements and other

5Quantity and quality control of forestry, wood industry and construction products

6Inspection of installed construction products and furniture, determination of finishing work, expertise

7Staff training in the field of new technologies, product construction, design, European standards and legislation

8Organization of conferences, educations, information about application of European technical legislation and European standards.