Euroinspekt-drvokontrola d.o.o.

Radnička cesta 52, 10000 Zagreb

Euroinspekt - drvokontrola d.o.o. is a company with more than 60 years of experience. We offer services in laboratory testing, certification of products and factory production control systems and perform takeover of goods as a third party according to type and quantity, staff education with reference to national, international and European standards.

The scope of our services includes the wood industry, forestry and building joinery products:

  • primary wood products

    logs, sawn timber, wooden elements. etc.

  • Final products in industry of furniture and furniture elements

    all kinds and types

  • Building joinery products

    windows and doors (PVC, alu, wood)

  • Flooring

    parquet - all kinds and types

  • Elements of wooden building constructions

    beams, laminated beams, etc.

For all the mentioned above, according to the requirements of European technical legislation, we conduct staff education, offer support in product development and ensure laboratory testing in order to certify products


Our services are also directed towards eco products and the applied requirements of environment protection, new design, aiming towards lowering a product’s impact on the environment from the day it is manufactured, until it is recycled.

Our laboratory is accredited according to requirements of standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025, by Croatian Accreditation Agency (HAA) , which confirms our competence to conduct more than 100 methods of tests that adhere to the strict European standards.
Within the company we have established the Department for certification of products and processes, accredited according to standard HRN EN 45011, which is authorized to certify products and production processes, and implemented factory production control. Constant training of our staff and investing in laboratory equipment has led to our implementation of a quality management system according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008, confirmed by TÜV NORD, Essen - Germany.


Our company is a member of CROLAB – Croatian laboratory association, and ensures its clients’ documents are internationally recognized, according to multilateral agreement on accreditation recognition, confirmed by the EU council (EA MAC) in Frankfurt on April 27th 2010.


Euroinspekt - drvokontrola d.o.o. is proud to be among the first companies accredited as a testing and certification body, competent and specialized testing company in the field of wood industry, forestry and building joinery in the Republic of Croatia. We offer services and know-how to all interested companies in Croatia and around the world, aiming towards the development of products, assurance of quality and safety requirements, environmental protection and end user satisfaction.